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Hollander Hyams Polska Sp. z.o.o. evolved in 2004 from an existing long-established Polish trading company which had been trading in hides and skins since 1989.  Hollander Hyams Polska has its offices located in Bielsko-Biala and its own hide warehouse situated in central Poland in Huta Janowska, near Lodz.


The warehouse specialises in the procurement of top quality Polish machine pulled hides from the surrounding meatworks.  The raw hides are brought to the warehouse where they are salted, graded into the relevant categories for bulls, cows and calfskins and then packed for despatch.  Everything is carried out in accordance with EU regulations and under the supervision of the veterinary authorities.  The production is then either despatched to local tanners/European tanners or containerised and shipped to tanneries throughout the world.


Hollander Hyams Polska works closely with its highly regarded and long-established London based partner, Hollander Hyams Ltd. Hollander Hyams has more than 65 years of experience in the hide skin and leather industry and has two warehouses in the UK for the salting and packing of hides, lamb and sheep skins.  The hides are graded into the various weights of ox/heifers and cows and the skins are graded into double face, nappa and rug selections.


With their experienced and expert personnel both Hollander Hyams Polska and Hollander Hyams London are able to meet tanners requirements from around the world.

Hollander Hyams Polska
Sp. z o.o.

ul. Piłsudskiego 27

phone.: +48 33 816 68 11
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phone/fax: +48 33 821 07 56


Huta Janowska 5
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Polish wetsalted hides

selection 80/20 I/II grade, 100% machine take-off

  • from bulls 30 kg/+, average 38/40 kg
  • from ox/heifers 25 kg/+, average 30/32 kg
  • from cows 20 kg/+, average 23/25 kg, 26/28, 29/31 

UK wetsalted hides

  • wetsalted machine take off ox/heifer hides - 36/38 kgs, 33/35 kgs, 30/32 kgs, 27/29 kgs, 24/26 kgs
  • wetsalted machine take off cow hides - 26/28 kgs, 21/23 kgs
  • wetsalted bulls
  • wetsalted casualty (renderer) hides, kipskins & calfskins

Wetsalted cattle head pieces

Wetsalted deer and roe skins

Wet blue cattle hides